Manifest Your Good Health

Everyday people are plagued with different trauma and toxins.

Physical toxins:

Mental toxins:

  • Anxiety caused by a relentless “Go! Go! Go!” mentality
  • Inability to properly release daily stresses.
  • Toxic thoughts

We are all exposed to a variety of pollutants daily and no one is immune.

The choices we make about how to deal with these toxins on a daily basis are going to decide if the genes we’ve inherited decide to keep us healthy for the long haul, or if they decide to stop us from being the healthiest versions of ourselves (read: illness). It’s the difference between practicing true prevention, or waiting for a doctor’s diagnosis to finally begin a journey to health. TIP: The first option is the easier one in the long run!

Forget about your genes. They don’t control you. You control them. They are controlled by your interaction with the perceptions of your environment – your beliefs. It is no longer genetics, but rather epigenetics: how our environmental interactions, perception and beliefs control our genes and not vice versa.

Eat Yourself Super: One bite at a time

True preventative health care starts with you and the way you choose to care for your body. Eating a Superfood diet rich in plant-based, calorie-sparse, nutrient-dense, health-empowering foods is your first line of defense. Accompany that with large doses of outdoor physical activities, spring or purified water, and plenty of sleep. Giving up some conveniences like eating fast food and watching television may seem extreme in the beginning, but the genes for a long, healthy and super life are already inside of you. You must simply manifest your intention of good health!